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中文 WordPress 工具箱 1.2
» 桑葚 (url)
用来解决官方 WordPress 没有照顾到的中文相关问题。使用这个插件,你可以显示随机文章,最新留言(最新引用),留言最多文章,发表评论最多的网友,还有真正的文章摘要,等等,真正截断,没有乱码。

Akismet 2.2.4
» Matt Mullenweg (url)
Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You need a WordPress.com API key to use it. You can review the spam it catches under “Comments.” To show off your Akismet stats just put <?php akismet_counter(); ?> in your template. See also: WP Stats plugin.

All in One SEO Pack 1.5.7
» Michael Torbert (url)
Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog. Options configuration panel | Donate | Support

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator 3.15
» Dagon Design (url)
Generates a fully customizable sitemap

Delete-Revision 1.2
» gohsy (url)
Delete revision post from Database,let us now to drop Redundancy, lose weight !

FeedBurner FeedSmith 2.3.1
» FeedBurner (url)
Originally authored by Steve Smith, this plugin detects all ways to access your original WordPress feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner feed so you can track every possible subscriber.

Feedsky Feed 插件 1.2 test
» 哈啰波波 (url)
这个插件可以协助你在Blog(仅限于Wordpress系统)中使用Feedsky Feed相关功能。目前该插件功能包括:1、Ping Feedsky;2、Feed 转向。

Google XML Sitemaps 3.1.3
» Arne Brachhold (url)
This plugin will generate a sitemaps.org compatible sitemap of your WordPress blog which is supported by Ask.com, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO. Configuration Page

Highslide4WP 2.0
» mg12 (url)
This plugin allows you easily to make Highslide popups on WordPress.

jQuery Lightbox Plus 0.2+
» Lwy (url)
非常小巧美观的Lightbox特效插件,基于jQuery框架,糅合了云技术,彻底减轻你服务器的负担!参考了Query Lightbox和Add Lightbox的源代码!

KB Linker 1.102
» Adam R. Brown (url)
Looks for user-defined phrases in posts and automatically links them. Example: Link every occurrence of “Wordpress” to wordpress.org.

Ozh’ Better Feed 2.1.2
» Ozh (url)
Your feeds, on steroids. Add a feed footer with a copyright, “Add to delicious”, the number of comments… Add anything to your feed. For WordPress 2.5+

Random Quotes (Chinese) 1.1(WordPress2.0)
» Xinple (url)

Samsarin PHP Widget 1.3.2
» Chris Pettitt (url)
A text widget with support for including PHP.

Simple Tags 1.6.6
» Amaury BALMER (url)
Simple Tags : Extended Tagging for WordPress 2.3, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 ! Autocompletion, Suggested Tags, Tag Cloud Widgets, Related Posts, Mass edit tags !

SRG Clean Archives 4.3
» Sean R. (url)
This plugin is designed to display your archive listings in a clean, uniform, single-query fashion that’s Search Engine friendly on a dedicated page or in your sidebar.

Use Google Libraries 1.0.6
» Jason Penney (url)
Allows your site to use common javascript libraries from Google’s AJAX Libraries CDN, rather than from WordPress’s own copies.

Wibiya Plugin 1.0
» michaelD (url)
wibiya wibar

WordPress Related Posts 1.0
» Denis (url)
Generate a related posts list via tags of WordPress

WordPress Thread Comment
» 偶爱偶家 (url)
wp thread comment allow user can reply comment and same comment On display, can choose ajax or not. 允许用户回复某个特定的评论并集中显示相似评论, 可以自由选择是否使用ajax.

WP-PluginsUsed 1.40
» Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan (url)
Display WordPress plugins that you currently have (both active and inactive) onto a post/page.

WP-PostViews 1.40
» Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan (url)
Enables you to display how many times a post/page had been viewed. Modified by David Potter to include options for when and where to display view counts.

WP-PostViews Widget 1.40
» Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan (url)
Adds a PostViews Widget to display most viewed posts and/or pages on your sidebar. You will need to activate WP-PostViews first.

WP Super Cache
» Donncha O Caoimh (url)
Very fast caching plugin for WordPress.

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    2009年05月02日 @ 17:32

    您所说的google插件是指google xml map吗?



  3. 精简后的WP插件最终版 | 子曰:

    2009年09月05日 @ 04:00

    […] 之前写了一篇关于子曰:所使用的WordPress插件列表,现在随着用WordPress的时间逐渐积累,渐渐地抛弃掉了一些插件。其实抛弃插件有很多原因。有些刚开始用来花哨但实质功能不强;有些可以通过代码实现就坚决不用插件;有些功能过于强大但对于个人博客没有使用必要;有些提供的功能可有可无,所以你就干脆从simplicity和alternative usage之间选择了前者。我现在在用并且未来继续使用也不再准备添加的插件如下(官方介绍后是我的评论,不附带链接): […]

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