For almost 10 years, I have been running this independent blog named 子曰: translated as “Confucius Said” to record my perspectives and opinions on different things I am interested in, and it’s still going on. As a 75th generation descendant of Confucius, I am highly interested in Confucianism and other Chinese philosophy theories, which is one of the reason why this website exists. Unfortunately most of them are recorded in Chinese, but still, you are welcome to visit it. I take the job as a fund manager and have rich experience in fixed income investment and portfolio management. On top of that, I have amazingly a wide range of other interests. Besides of fund manager, I am also a marathon runner, free traveler and art lover.

关于“子曰:”。这个网站兼个人博客已经运作接近10年,用来记录我对不同领域问题的观点和思考。作为孔子的第75代传人,我一直对儒家思想及其他中国古代哲学保持高度的兴趣,这也是本站的起源。我的主业是一名拥有固定收益领域多年投资经验的基金经理,但人生不止于此,我对艺术,长跑、旅行和写作都怀有高度的兴趣。 子曰:朝闻道,夕死可矣。闻道是人一生最终的追求,而阅读与写作本身亦是不断获取真理与自我修正的过程。 本站从成立到现在断续发表了接近二百篇文章,看似无心插柳,但却一直承载着我个人兴趣和思想轨迹的转变和成长。我认为这种对观点与情感的记录是难得的,遂打算一直将该网站经营下去。

Simon X.Y. KONG
Contact: kongxiangyu#gmail.com